Other Tengu-Pictures

Today's the figure of Karasu-Tengu encounters the people in Japan, e.g. as a statue in old Shrines or temples. But in restaurants or other public places you also can find Tengu-masks hanging on the walls.

Tengu-pictures are just as content in the arts, whether Noh-theater, painting or Okimono (skulptures), Inro (little cases), garnishments on sword fittings. Even old Yoroi (armour of samurai) obtained ornaments on Kabuto (helmet) and Menpo (face mask), so the wearer himself looked like a Karasu-Tengu.

So, here any examples...

Netsuke -

statue, (bronze)

Bell like a head
of Karasu-Tengu

Netsuke - on
egg hatching

mask, (pottery)

Picture to the Tengu-geijutsu-ron, one of the
oldest notations of japanese martial art.

- impressum -